Flexible images cover a wide range of screens ranging from mobile devices, tablets and laptops to large desktop screens. Images can have fixed dimensions, fluid dimensions or a combination of two. You can also upload twice as large images to cover Retina and other high PPI displays. Furthermore, there’s Lightbox with ability to create galleries included!

Cubes Vanessa Gong

Vector Images


Vector images (SVG) ensure that all elements will remain sharp on every resolution and device at any size. They are supported and present almost everywhere in the theme as a good alternative to raster images.

YouTube videos

Daisho has YouTube API integrated for the best embeding and watching experience. Daisho YouTube videos are iPhone and iPad compatible. The video presents full installation and configuration of Daisho theme (8:07 minutes).

[youtube link=""]

[youtube link= » »]

Vimeo videos

Daisho supports Vimeo videos in portfolio, on standard pages and on blog pages. All Daisho Vimeo videos are responsive and iPhone and iPad compatible. This video presents a quick preview of what Typography Plugin is capable of doing. It’s one of the most advanced font management tools out there!

[vimeo link=""]

[vimeo link= »″]

HTML5 videos

Daisho supports HTML5 videos in portfolio, on standard pages and on blog pages. All Daisho HTML5 videos are responsive and iPhone and iPad compatible! We’re using custom HTML5 video player skin to ensure the style, look and feel of the player matches the general style of the website.

[video mp4="../vid.mp4" ogg="../vid.ogg" webm="../vid.webm" poster="../vid.jpg"]

Google Maps v3 API Integration

Daisho has Google Maps API v3 integrated. This means it supports advanced maps features such as custom styling or custom markers. For convenience of users we simplified shortcode that produces Google Maps to the most basic functions only but with little effort and some knowledge you can turn it into powerful tool!

[gmap latitude="35.631219" longitude="139.769356" zoom="12" "width=100%" height="390px"]